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  • Yamaha  sigma-G5S II Pick and Place Machine
Yamaha  sigma-G5S II Pick and Place Machine

Yamaha sigma-G5S II Pick and Place Machine

  • Speed: 90,000 CPH
  • Applicable PCB: L610×W510 mm
  • Weight: 1,800KG
  • Dimension: L1,280×W2,240×H1,450 mm
  • Product description: Yamaha sigma-G5S II Pick and Place Machine, Speed: 90,000 CPH, Applicable PCB: L610×W510 mm, Weight: 1,800KG, Dimension:L1,280×W2,240×H1,450 mm

Yamaha  sigma-G5S II Pick and Place Machine


Product Features
1) Two new head types in an evolution of the “1-head solution” to achieve high productivity: Accommodates super-small 0201 (0.25 × 0.125 mm) size components and large components
Both the high-speed multi-purpose head and multi-functional head have been further enhanced in pursuit of Yamaha’s “1-head solution” concept to accommodate a wide range of components without the need for replacing heads while maintaining high-speed operation.
High-speed multi-purpose head with extended life: While the nozzle count remains at 15, due to weight reductions and higher output from the direct-drive motor, mounting capacity per head has increased by approx. 20% to 45,000 CPH (under optimum conditions) compared to the Σ-G5S. At the same time, the Σ-G5S II has the versatility to handle a wide range of component sizes, from super-small 0201 size components to larger L44×W44×H12.7 mm components. Important parts like brushless slip rings and high-rigidity couplings have been reengineered to offer longer service life and improve reliability.
Multi-functional head: In addition to increasing the number of nozzles to three, the frame rigidity has been increased to boost mounting capacity per head by approx. 20% to 10,800 CPH (under optimal conditions) compared to the Σ-G5S. The Σ-G5S II accommodates a wide range of components, whether large or irregular in shape, from 1005 (1.0 × 0.5 mm) size components to L72×W72×H25.4 mm components, as well as connectors as large as 150×26 mm.
2) Extended detection range of components held for better mounting quality
Previously, detection of held components was limited from pick-up to component recognition, but now extends to immediately before placement. The high-speed multi-purpose head uses a side-view recognition camera to track components and identify them, and allows the operator to select from three detection timing modes (for high-speed nozzle components): 1) arrival on PCB, 2) during placement operations, or 3) immediately before placement.
The multi-functional head uses nozzle flow rate to detect holding state from after component recognition to immediately before placement (not applicable to some parts sized L5×W5 mm or smaller).
3) Larger internal buffer size to reduce feeding loss with large PCBs
By improving the feeding sequence, PCB feeding time has been reduced from 2.0 seconds to 1.8 seconds. In addition, PCBs can now be put on stand-by across mounting areas and the buffer space in front of the placement area has been increased from 280 mm to 410 mm. Feed time is up to 55% shorter than with the Σ-G5S, thereby improving productivity with the applicable large PCBs.
4) Further detail revisions and refinements for added reliability
The load subjected to the left and right motors when the beam is being driven has been balanced by changing the cable positioning and more. This suppresses motor heat buildup to reduce device deformation and vibration.
Improved cooling performance also reduces the mounter’s internal temperatures. This not only helps stabilize machine accuracy, but also extends the service life of hardware components.
5) Compatibility with previous models
The Σ-G5S II is compatible with the main optional features available for the Σ-G5S, such as the nozzles, tape feeder, trolley and nozzle stocker replacement parts. Clients already using the Σ-G5S can purchase the Σ-G5S II with the confidence that they can continue to use their current assets.

Basic Specifications


sigma-G5S II

Applicable PCB dimensions

Single lane

L610×W510 mm(Optional: L1,200×W510 )

Dual lane

L610×W250 mm(dual feed)
L610×W415mm (single feed)

Mounting capability

High-Speed Multi-Head×2 specifications: 90,000 CPH
(single lane/dual lane)

Applicable components

High-Speed Multi (HM) Head

0201 to L44×W44×H12.7 mm or under

Flexible Multi (FM) Head

1005 to L72×W72×H25.4 mm or under
Connector: 150×26 mm

Mounting accuracy

High-Speed Multi (HM) Head

0201/03015: ±25um/80,000 CPH
0402: ±36 um/85,000 CPH
0603: ±40 um/90,000 CPH

Flexible Multi (FM) Head

±0.015 mm

Component types

120 types max. (8 mm wide tape equivalent)

Power supply

3-phase AC200V ±10%, 50/60Hz

Air supply

0.45 to 0.69 MPa (4.6 to 7 kgf/cm²)

Exterior dimensions

L1,280×W2,240×H1,450 mm


Approx. 1,800 kg


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