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Fuji QP Series Nozzle

Fuji QP Series Nozzle

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  • Fuji QP Series Nozzle
  • Usage:FUJI pick and place machine
  • Product description: Fuji QP Series Nozzle

Fuji QP Series Nozzle

Products description

FUJI QP Nozzle Nozzle models as belows:
Fuji QP Nozzle|QP242 Nozzle QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 7.0 /47F
ABHPN-8512 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 0.7
ABHPN-8522 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 1.0
ABHPN-8532 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 1.3
ABHPN-8542 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 1.8
ABHPN-8553 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 2.5
ABHPN-8563 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 2.5
ABHPN-8573 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 3.75
ABHPN-8584 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 6.5
ABHPN-8593 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 7.0
ABHPN-8603 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 1.0
ABHPN-6217 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 1.0
ABHPN-6227 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 1.3
ABHPN-6237 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 1.8
ABHPN-6248 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 2.5
ABHPN-6718 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 2.5G
ABHPN-6258 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 3.75
ABHPN-6855 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 5 G
ABHPN-6895 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 8 G
ABHPN-6805 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 15 G
ABHPN-6705 QP-2 Nozzle SINGLE 17.5

QP242E ABHPN6805
ABHPN-8510 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 0.7 /12
ABHPN-8520 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 1.0 /12
ABHPN-8530 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 1.3/12
ABHPN-8670 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 1.3/38
ABHPN-8540 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 1.8 /12
ABHPN-8550 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 2.5 /38
ABHPN-8560 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 2.5 G/38
ABHPN-8570 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 3.75 /38
ABHPN-8580 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 6.5 G/47
ABHPN-8590 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 7.0 /47F
ABHPN-8600 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 10.0 /47F
ABHPN-8610 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 2.5 /38F
ABHPN-8620 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 2.5 G/38F
ABHPN-8630 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 3.75 /
QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 5.0
ABHPN-8640 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 6.5 G/47F
ABHPN-8650 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 7.0 /47F
ABHPN-8660 QP-2 INDEX Nozzle 10.0 /47F

Fuji Nozzle features:
1. CP series Nozzles: Original Japan sticker and aluminum,
hard Nozzle tube, durable and precision.

2. XP series Nozzles: Original manufacture technology, Nozzle body adopt
special processing technology with aluminum alloy , Nozzle tip and plate
made of ceramic material, do never be white.

3. QP3 series Nozzles: The crystal manufacture by original producing technology,
transparency completely conform to the requirements of the original factory.

4. NXT series Nozzles: Readable original data two-dimension code,
easily to identification by machine; the Nozzle tip made of
ceramic materials, do never be white.

flasonsmt can supply other Fuji NXT Nozzle models as follows:
H01 AA0AS05 Nozzle R36-010-260
H01 AA06807 Nozzle R36-013-260
H01 AA0HS02 Nozzle R36-018-260
H01 AA0HT02 Nozzle R36-025-260
H01 AA0HW02 Nozzle R36-037-260
H01 AA0HX02 Nozzle R36-050-260
H01 AA08008 Nozzle R36-070-260
H01 AA08107 Nozzle R36-100-260
H01 AA08207 Nozzle R36-150-260
H01 AA08307 Nozzle R36-200-260
H01 AA0MZ02 Nozzle R36-013M-260
H01 AA11R02 Nozzle R36-018M-260
H01 AA0ML03 Nozzle R36-025M-260
H01 AA08411 Nozzle R36-025G-260
H01 AA08509 Nozzle R36-037G-260
H01 AA07209 Nozzle R36-050G-260
H01 AA07311 Nozzle R36-070G-260
H01 AA07410 Nozzle R36-100G-260
H01 AA07511 Nozzle R36-150G-260
H01 AA07610 Nozzle R36-200G-260

H08/H12 AA1AT04 Nozzle R07-003-070
H08/H12 AA05603 Nozzle R07-004-070
H08/H12 AA05703 Nozzle R07-007-070
H08/H12 AA05803 Nozzle R07-010-070
H08/H12 AA20A03 Nozzle R07-013-070
H08/H12 AA20B03 Nozzle R07-018-070
H08/H12 AA20C03 Nozzle R07-025-070
H08/H12 AA20D03 Nozzle R07-037-070
H08/H12 AA20E03 Nozzle R07-050-070
H08/H12 AA06404 Nozzle R07-013M-070
H08/H12 AA19G04 Nozzle R07-018M-070
H08/H12 AA06504 Nozzle R07-025M-070
H08/H12 AA0WT05 Nozzle R07-025G-070
H08/H12 AA18C02 Nozzle R07-037G-070
H08/H12 AA06302 Nozzle R07-050G-070

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