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  • Flying Probe Testing Machine SPEA 4080
Flying Probe Testing Machine SPEA 4080

Flying Probe Testing Machine SPEA 4080

  • 8x Probing head(4 top + 4 bottom)
  • Dual side probing
  • Max. Test Area: 510 x 460mm
  • Dimension: 1700 x 1300 x 2050 mm
  • Product description: Flying Probe Testing Machine SPEA 4080, Automatic 8x Flying Probe Tester, the Fastest in the world, 8x Probing head(4 top + 4 bottom), Dual side probing, Max. Test Area: 510 x 460mm, Dimension: 1700 x

Flying Probe Testing Machine SPEA 4080

Product Specification

Flying Probe Testing Machine SPEA 4080

The 4080 is an 8-probe multi-functional, high-production Flying Probe Tester designed for testing electronic boards and devices. The tester sets a new benchmark for flying probe board testing, offering the highest probing and electrical measurement accuracy and speed on both sides of the device under test.
The 4080 ensures 100% net accessibility and zero-failure escape thanks to SPEA’s Multi-Domain Test Technology, which provides full test coverage for any test application.

High Productivity
The 4080 offers high productivity for manufacturers who need to deal with high volume productions of electronic boards and devices.
Micro-Pad Probing
Probing of micro-pads (30μm) and SMT components (008004 and 01005), at maximum probing speed and without leaving marks on the pads.
Multi-Domain Test
Not only ICT tests but also short circuits test, optical tests, flashing, digital tests, thermal test, etc. to offer the best testing flexibility for your products.
High-precision Measurement
The measuring and forcing instrumentation on each flying head ensures signal integrity and high-accuracy measurement.
A Single Flying Probe for Testing
a Whole Range of Application
PCB Assembled
Bare PCBs
Flexible Circuits
Load Boards
Probe Cards
Backplanes and Motherboards
Panels of Boards
Silicon or Glass Wafers
LED Panels
Top Features to Achieve the Best Performances
The Best Throughput and Accuracy
The 4080 is conceived for the most demanding electronics manufacturers to cut the cost-of-test. It provides the highest throughput for flying probe testing as it can test 800,000+ boards per year. The double-sided high-speed moving axes, micro-probing accuracy, multidisciplinary test capability, and flexible scalability allow electronics manufacturers to ensure zero-failure escape in a wide range of applications at the highest throughput.
Ultra-Fast Double-sided Probing
The 4080 Flying Probe Tester features 8x flying heads (4x top and 4x bottom) that ensure effective probing of top and bottom faces of electronic boards and devices. The flying heads feature ultra-high-speed linear motors that provide the highest probing speed (up to 180 touches/s), superior mechanical stability, and no deformation during use to ensure maximum probe accuracy. Furthermore, the mechanical and constructive simplicity means less periodic maintenance.
Micro-Probing Accuracy for the Smallest Targets
Ultra-accurate positioning meters on each XYZ axis of the 4080 ensure the effective and consistent probing of the smallest targets, as little as 30µm test pads and 008004 SMD components. The test system provides the highest probing accuracy (±10μm), and repeatability (±5μm) like no other flying probe system can do.
Safe Probing with Ultra-Soft Touch Technology
With the 4080 Flying Probe Tester, test pads and component solder joints are safe from marks and scratches caused by the flying probes. SPEA’s unique Soft-Touch and Ultra-Soft Touch Technologies use near-zero energy probing to ensure safe and mark-free touch on the most delicate surfaces and substrates, such as wafers, flex circuits, and micro-SMT devices.
Configurable Multi-Tool Flying Heads
The 8 flying heads of the 4080 can mount a comprehensive range of testing tools and probes used for electrical testing. Up to 28 Flying Tools such as spring probes, hi-resolution vision units, light meters, ElectroScan, thermal cameras, and more provide extended functionality and test coverage for a wide range of test applications.
Automatic Test of Large and Complex Electronic Boards
The 4080L Flying probe Tester model, designed with a wider test area, ensures accurate probing of any hard-to-reach test points and electronic boards with multiple height levels, even if they are big-sized (1200x668mm), heavy (20kg), and mounting tall components (150mm) on both sides of the board.
Full Test Coverage with Multi-Domain Test Technology
The 4080 can verify the product functionality and identify any defect to ensure zero-failure escape. The 4080 overcomes traditional flying probetester capabilities providing SPEAs unigue Mult-Domain Test Technology for extended test coverage. ICT Plus, Short Circuits Test, A Nets Test,Opticanspection, Lioht Test, 3D Dimensional Test, Thermal Test, and more testing technigues ensure the complete detection of short circuits, componentsparameters, circuit anomalies, faulty and counterfeit parts, and other defects of the product
Leonardo 4 A World of Test Utilities
4080 users take the advantage of working with a friendly software environment, similar to what smartphones made us used to. Every test utility is dedicated to a defined function, while its update is independent and does not affect overall software integrity. Leonardo 4 operating system incorporates all the functionalities and effectiveness of previous Leonardo versions, bringing them a step ahead.
Automatic Board Handling
SPEA has designed and manufactured a new series of Automatic PCB handling Equipment, able to perform autonomous loading and unloading operations. SPEA Board Handling Equipment is available in modular configurations, which allow for quick changes on field, and stand out for their reduced footprint, as they take up just one third of the floor space typically needed by traditional PCB handling equipment.

Max touches

160 touches/sec (@2.5mm pitch movement)

Multi-Jig Flying Heads

8 (4 top + 4 bottom)

Test interface

Yes, up to 384 channels

Min. Pad Size


Min. Pitch


Linear Motors on X-Y-Z axis


Linear Measuring Encoders

on X-Y-Z axis


Encoder positioning resolution


Instrument on the Head Technology



1700 x 1300 x 2050 mm

Noise level at 100cm


Line Voltage

230Vac ±10% (single phase)

208 - 400Vac ±10% (3phase)


50 - 60Hz

Measure Capability


1mΩ - 1GΩ

Measure Capability


1µH - 1H

Measure Capability


0.5pF - 1F

Max. Test Area

510 x 460mm

Max. Board Size

ANY x 460mm

Max. Component Height


Board edge clearance


Max. board thickness


Operating System

Giotto OS3, App Library

Automatic test program generation

Yes (even without CAD file)

Electrical test

ICT - In Circuit Test


NZT Nodal Impedance Test


Open Pin Scan


Power On Test


Functional Test


On-Board Programming


Boundary Scan



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