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  • Panasonic SMT Chip mounter Servo Motor
  • Panasonic SMT Chip mounter Servo Motor
  • Panasonic SMT Chip mounter Servo Motor
Panasonic SMT Chip mounter Servo Motor Panasonic SMT Chip mounter Servo Motor Panasonic SMT Chip mounter Servo Motor

Panasonic SMT Chip mounter Servo Motor

  • Panasonic chip mounter servo motor
  • Chip mounter Servo Motor
  • Panasonic AC Chip Servo Motor
  • Servo Motor
  • Product description: Panasonic SMT Chip mounter Servo Motor

panasonic SMT chip mouter Servo Motor

There are also other motors for you !!!

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MSM022A3A,   MSM012F2G,   MFA030LA2NSJ,  MSM082A4A,    MSM042AJB,     MSM011PJA
MSM011AJA,   MSM5AZP1E,   MSDZ043A1A,    MSDZ023A1A,   DV47J500MS2C,  P325C-500MS2-C
MSM082ADA,  MSM042A2UE,  MSM042A1F,     MSM042A1E,     MSM3AZP1E
CM201 ,CM202 ,CM212, CM232, CM401, CM402, CM602 etc.

Flason Electronic Co.,ltd provide a full smt assembly line solutions, including SMT reflow ovenTHT wave soldering machinepick and place machinesolder paste printerPCB loaderPCB unloaderchip mounterSMT AOI machineSMT SPI machineSMT X-Ray machineSMT assembly line equipmentPCB production Equipment smt spare parts etc any kind SMT machines you may need, please contact us for more information: wechat whatsapp:008613691605420, Skype: flasonsmt, Email: sales@flason-smt.com


1).Q: How many nozzles do you supply? Do you sell nozzles and spares?

A:  If the machine has  two nozzle-heads, we supply 4 nozzles. If has four nozzle-heads, we supply eight nozzles. Yes, we do sell nozzles and spares. If you need any spars, just let us know.

2).Q: What's the way of shipping?

A: These are all heavy machines; we suggest you use cargo ship. But components for mending the machines, air transportation would be fine.

3).Q: How is the training?

A: After buying our machines, your engineers can go to our company or our engineers go to your factory if require, and we will train them how to use these machines.

4).Q: Is it hard to use these machines?

A: No, not hard at all. For our previous clients, at most 2 days is enough to learn to operate the machines.

5).Q: Does you machines have quality certificate?

A: All of our machines have passed CE certificate, ISO14001(BCC), ISO9001(IQNET) and

have own patent.

6).Q: How about the warranty?

A: We support one year warranty( The nozzle with a warranty of 1 months; belt with a warranty of 3 months ). We will regularly update the software for customers. If there is any doubt in the process of operating the machine, pls feel free contact us. We will help you in time.
All the spare parts will be provided free of charge for you within the warranty period.


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Email: sales@flason-smt.com

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