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  • Nikon Mini Steppers NES1W-h04 NES1W-h04A
Nikon Mini Steppers NES1W-h04 NES1W-h04A

Nikon Mini Steppers NES1W-h04 NES1W-h04A

  • Wavelength (nm): 450
  • Throughput:150
  • Wafer Size (mm):150
  • Product description: Nikon Mini Steppers NES1W-h04 NES1W-h04A for MEMS, LEDs, and Packaging Markets,Wavelength (nm): 450, Throughput:150, Wafer Size (mm):150

Nikon Mini Steppers NES1W-h04 NES1W-h04A


Nikon continues to expand the MEMS Stepper product line to satisfy the unique photolithography requirements of Air Bearing Surface (ABS) fabrication for magnetic heads, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED). These steppers are also used in back-end processing, as well as optoelectronics, discrete semiconductors and crystal oscillator manufacturing. These specialized Nikon lithography solutions deliver maximum stepper yield at the lowest possible cost.

Although MEMS do not have the same aggressive requirements for imaging or overlay capabilities that are demanded by semiconductors, they necessitate that the lithography systems are able to handle extremely warped wafers and very thick films, and accommodate significant step heights with reasonable overlay accuracy. In addition, bulk MEMS applications or Taiko wafers often need precise alignment to marks located on the backside of the wafer surface. Nikon MEMS Steppers fully satisfy the critical requirements of these dynamic markets, and well over 170 systems are in use by customers around the world today.

Nikon offers a variety of MEMS Steppers using h-line illumination coupled with low lens numerical apertures specially optimized for MEMS-type applications and die-to-die autofocus, which enables these steppers to deliver the necessary resolution performance with tremendous depth of focus. Advanced systems that accommodate ghi and i-line resist processes, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in MEMS manufacturing, are also available. Proven stepper technology ensures optimal CD uniformity across the wafer and projection lens designs eliminates costly mask contamination/ defectively issues experienced with contact or proximity printing methods. In addition, all Nikon MEMS Steppers utilize Enhanced Global Alignment (EGA) that has long been employed on traditional Nikon Step and Repeat Systems to provide optimal overlay accuracy. They also provide Pattern Matching Alignment capabilities that enable alignment to structures other than specific alignment marks. These critical functions are delivered on user-friendly, high productivity stepper platforms, with dramatically reduced system footprints to minimize equipment cost and cleanroom floor space usage.

Nikon continues to focus on expanding system capabilities and reducing cost to customers. Newly developed MEMS Steppers enable field sizes up to 44 x 44 mm and support a variety of substrate types and dimensions. They also deliver enhanced imaging and maximize productivity. Additionally, a multitude of add-on functions further boost MEMS Stepper performance and yield.

Key Benefits
Satisfy fab specific objectives with diverse product capabilities
Enable resolution below 2 µm with increased lens NAs
Deliver large depth of focus for enhanced yield
Provide optimal productivity and comply with global safety specifications

Satisfy fab specific objectives with diverse product capabilities
These popular steppers are well suited for back-end processes, as well as MEMS and LED applications, delivering overlay performance and throughput to meet unique fab objectives and product-specific requirements. Customers may choose to add on backside alignment (BSA) functionality to enable precise alignment to marks located on the backside of the wafer surface. The newly developed backside alignment system incorporates both direct and infra-red alignment capabilities. The NES1W-h04/NES1W-h04A enable BSA below 0.8 µm.

Enable resolution below 2 µm with increased lens NAs
Some of today’s applications require increased lens numerical apertures (NA) and the NES1W-h04 utilizes a 0.16 NA and delivers resolution ≤ 2 µm. To satisfy even more challenging imaging requirements, the NES1W-h04A has a 0.20 NA to enable 1.6 µm resolution.

Deliver large depth of focus for enhanced yield
These steppers utilize projection lenses with 2.5x reduction that were specifically designed to address the unique process challenges presented by backend-processes, as well as MEMS and LED applications. They deliver large depth of focus, while their advanced autofocus systems provide die-by-die autofocus capabilities that further increase yield for these difficult processes.

Provide optimal productivity and comply with global safety specifications
These high throughput systems can process up to 60 wafers per hour and provide great flexibility with support for wafer sizes up to 150 mm. In addition, these steppers reduce reticle costs with the Dual Exposure Area for a Single Reticle function, which makes it possible to utilize two separate exposure patterns on a single reticle by rotating the reticle according to programmable settings. Reticle blinds are then used to control the actual exposure area. These steppers also minimize total fab costs with total fab footprints below 3.3 m². In addition to delivering these critical productivity benefits to ensure low cost of ownership for manufacturers, these stepper also satisfy global safety compliance specifications.

Basic Specifications:

· Wavelength (nm)

· Lens-NA

· Exposure Area (mm)

· Reduction Ratio

· Resolution (µm)

· Depth of Focus (µm)

· Overlay Accuracy (µm)

· Throughput

· Wafer Size (mm)

· 405

· 0.16 (NES1W-h04A: 0.20)

· 15 mm square to 11.23 (H) x 18 (V) mm

· 1/2.5

· 2.0 (NES1W-h04A: 1.6)

· 16 (NES1W-h04A: 10)

· 0.30

· 150 mm: 60 WPH

· ≤ 150

Excellent Imaging with 0.16 Numerical Aperture; σ = 1.0; 1.5 µm L/S x 5 Lines and Isolated Positive and Negative Lines

The proven 0.16 NA h04 lens design easily delivers resolution capabilities below 2 µm to satisfy customers' most critical imaging requirements.


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